Lore : Anarch

This Lore represents the knowledge of the history and practices of the Anarch movement as it has manifested in the 20th/21st century.

Generally Possessed by: Anarchs, infiltrating Archons, Brujah, Californians

Potential Specializations: Anarch Revolt History, Anarch Culture, Anarch Free State History, Anarch Political Theory, Gang Lore

Sources Consulted for this List: The Anarch Cookbook: A Friendly Guide to Vampire Politics (WW2100)Clanbook: Brujah (WW2051)Clanbook: Brujah [Rev] (WW2351)Guide to the Anarchs (WW2424)Guide to the Camarilla (WW2302)Laws of the Night [Rev] (WW5013)Los Angeles By Night: Unlife and Death in the Anarch Free States (WW2110)Vampire: The Masquerade [Rev] (WW2300)

Lore: Anarch x1

  • You know that the Anarch movement stands for the right of Cainites to act as their own self-governing entities, without complete subservience to elders. (LotN [Rev]: 255-256)
  • You know that the Anarch movement is technically a sub-sect of the Camarilla.
  • You are aware that the movement is made up primarily of Neonates and Ancillae, who often identify with mortal gang/biker culture and are more prone to adopting uncommonly nomadic lifestyles for Kindred. (GttA: 195-213; LotN [Rev]: 255-256)
  • You know that a high percentage of Anarchs tend to be drawn from Clan Brujah. (GttA: 22-24; LotN [Rev]: 30; VtM [Rev]: 68)
  • You know about the Second Anarch Revolt (and hence can assume there was a First Anarch Revolt), and of the existence of the West coast Anarch Free State, even if it has fallen. You know who Jeremy MacNeil is. (CbB: 17-19, 64-65; CbB [Rev]: 26-30; GttA: 22-24)
  • You are familiar with the concept of a Baron (the rough Anarch equivalent of a Prince) and with the concept of baronies. You understand that a Baron usually doesn’t quite possess the political clout of a Prince, and that they are not by necessity the eldest or most powerful Cainite in the local Sect. (GttA: 50-52)
  • You know that Anarch gangs often engage in elaborate hazing rituals, although this practice has fallen out of practice somewhat since the late 90s.
  • You know how to play a game of Nines. (It’s like paintball… only with .9 mm pistols.)(GttA: 72)

Lore: Anarch x2

  • You have heard of the First Anarch Revolt, wherein neonate « Anarchs » across Europe rose up and diablerized or killed their elders, and of the Inquisition, and know that both the Sabbat and Camarilla formed as a result of them. You know that the Camarilla is a union of elders and Anarch apologists and the Sabbat are the remaining Anarchs who refused to capitulate. (LotN [Rev]: 18; VtM [Rev]: 44, 65, 82)
  • You know the story of the Second Anarch Revolt in detail, which started when Brujah Jeremy MacNeil was unjustly beaten by Toreador Prince Don Sebastian’s men in 1944, precipitating mass riots, the death of Toreador Prince Don Sebatian and the eventual formation of the Free State. You are aware that the Free State has pretty much disbanded with the Cathayan invasion and the formation of the New Promise Mandarinate. (CbB: 17-19, 64-65; CbB [Rev]: 26-30; GttA: 22-24)
  • You know of various loose positions within Anarch culture, such as: Emissaries, who are diplomats who negotiate between Anarchs and other political groups; Sweepers (also called proctors, Sherlocks or abaci), who are Anarch census takers of a sort; and Chameleons (also called Bonds, moles or subs), who are Anarch moles in positions of power in other Sects. (GttA: 53-55)
  • You know that East Coast Anarchs tend to be less politically active (i.e. less inclined toward burning shit down), and tend to focus more on intellectual pursuits than their Western counterparts. You know that this occassionally also gives Anarchs of the West Coast the perception that they are not as effective as they are (i.e. complete pussies).(GttA: 120-125)
  • You have read such works as the Anarch Manifesto and the Status Prefectus.
  • You know most of the commonly employed hazing rituals used by Anarchs, and that they often involve garnering the enmity of the local Prince.
  • You know that the Anarch movement has to some extent adopted the Brujah traditions of Rants and Raves. (GttA: 69-70)
  • You know about the existence of the Anarch Railroad, which is a loose organization which serves to ferry members of the movement to the Western states. (GttA: 128)
  • You know about most of the Anarch popular games that have been devised in addition to Nines, such as Sixty-Nines, an unpleasant variant of Nines in which one participant doesn’t know it’s a game; Bear-Baiting, the delicate art of goading elders to Frenzy in Elysium while adhereing to the rules; LA Roulette, in which two Anarchs duke it out by hitting one another with a bat until one concedes; and Gotcha, wherein you try to convince a mortal that he’s accidentally killed you. (GttA: 69-70)

Lore: Anarch x3

  • You are cognizant of the details regarding the formation of the Sabbat and Camarilla, and have read the Treaty of Thorns. You hear that the initial wave of the revolt was sparked by the attempted assassination of Hardestadt by a Brujah Anarch named Patricia Boilingbroke. You know about the concept of « The Return » as pertaining to those first-wave Anarchs who allied with the Camarilla. (GttA: 12-20)
  • You know a great deal about not only the formation of the Free State, but also have a clear idea of what factors led to it’s decline. You are aware of the initial problem of factional gang wars, of Tara’s defection back to the Camarilla in 1998, and of the culmination of other circumstances which led to the Cathayan invasion of San Fransisco and the disastrous Telegraph Hill incident in 2000, which ended in MacNeil’s death.(CbB: 17-19, 64-65; CbB [Rev]: 26-30; GttA: 22-24)
  • You know about several of the gangs that still populate the former Free State, and are familiar with stories of both the Sons of Crypts and the Avengers (or the Blood) who between them controlled most of the region in the later half of the century. You know further that many of the infamous LA riots were employed as fronts for massive Kindred gang wars.
  • You know about the existence of the Anarch Free Press (the Freep), an electronic intellectual newsletter started by Anarch Ventrue, Theodore Bunting. You can probably get access to an issue with a little work. (GttA: 124)
  • You know that the Anarch Railroad is almost hopelessly infested with Camarilla agents, due to it’s lack of central organization. (GttA: 128)
  • You’ve heard about the personal war waged by former Nosferatu Justicar Petradon against the Anarch movement, and are aware that many member of the Camarilla suspect that his assasination in 1997 was a result of agitated members of the movement. (VtM [Rev]: 66)
  • You know about some of the major names in the movement and it’s history aside from MacNeil and Garcia, such as Louis Fortier, Crispus Attucks and Smiling Jack. (CbB: 64, 66)

Lore: Anarch x4

  • You know the common differences in fashion and style between East and West coast Anarchs and can usually identify one from the other.
  • You’ve heard about some of the stranger philosophical theories that have been connected to the movement, such as the Libertas theory and Laecanus’ interpretation of Caine as the first Anarch.
  • You know about various smaller movements within the Sect proper, such as the Liberty Club in Boston, a small elitist salon group with little weight outside the Northeast; the Anarch Free State Militia, a collection of militant radicals who are attempting to use guerilla tactics to route Cathayan and Camarilla invasion into the former Free State; and the Seattle Committee, a group of recruiters seeking to galvanize disparate Anarch support for the Free State and unify the movement somewhat. (GttA: 124-125, 130)
  • You know about some of the less well-known names in the movement, such as Andrea Parker, the cliquish Toreador founder of the Liberty Club; and Malloc, a well known Nosferatu radical and Freep writer who makes outlandish claims that the Camarilla and New Promise Mandarinate are making attempts to ally for the sake of completely destroying the remaining Free State. (GttA: 122-124)

Lore: Anarch x5

  • If it has to do with the Free State, you’ve probably heard of it. You know about Garcia and Forteirs allegiance with the Cathayan government,and have heard hushed rumors that MacNeil and Attucks might still be alive. You have some inkling that Sabbat interests might be affecting the California situation and you’re aware that the Seattle Committee is, in factm backed (at least in terms of finances and arms) by Cicatriz, the Bishop of Tijuana. (GttA: 130)
  • You’ve noticed a trend in a lot of Free State stories regarding the mention of a gold-haired demon, and you’re beginning to get suspicions regarding who was actually behind the Revolt.