Lore : Bloodline Kyasid

This Lore represents knowledge of the social structure, traditions and myths of the Kiasyd Bloodline.

Generally Possessed by: Kiasyd, Lasombra, fae scholars

Potential Specializations: Kiasyd/Fae Lore, Fae Kiasyd/Lasombra Lore

Sources Consulted for this List: Laws of the Night: Sabbt Guide (WW5018)Libellus Sanguinis I: Masters of State (WW2807)Montreal by Night (WW2216)Victorian Age: Companion (WW2472)

Lore: Kiasyd x1

  • You know that the Kiasyd exist.
  • You know that the primary Disciplines of the Kiasyd are DominateObtenebration andMythreceria, and that Mytherceria is unique to their Bloodline. (GttS: 60-61; LoTN:SG: 38-39)
  • You know that the Kiasyd all have some sort of bizarre affinity with the Fae, and that their general appearance is unmistakably eldritch as a result. You know that Kiasyd all tend towards being abnormally tall and that they possess a slight bluish tinge to their skin under moonlight, in addition to having black, whiteless eyes. (GttS: 60-61; LoTN:SG: 40-41; PGttS: 22)
  • You know that Kiasyd all have an aversion to the touch of cold iron, and that contact with it can cause them considerable pain. (GttS: 60-61; LoTN:SG: 40-41; PGttS: 22)
  • You know that Kiasyd generally have an affinity for learning, study and books, and that they seldom engage in politicing or combat, in spite of their nominal affiliation with the Sabbat. (GttS: 60-61; LoTN:SG: 40-41; PGttS: 22)

Lore: Kiasyd x2

  • You know that the Kiasyd all suffer a painful physical transformation after the Embrace, where their bodies contorts and lengthens itself, adding roughly six inches to the Cainites height. You hear the the process is excruciating, and that some Embracees have gone mad from the process. (GttS: 60-61; PGttS: 22)
  • You know that the founder of the Kiasyd Bloodline is known as Marconius, and that he currently reigns as the ruler of Strausburg, France, where a number of the Bloodline also haven. (LS1: 28-29; PGttS: 22)
  • You are aware that all Kiasyd congregate every fifty years at a formal gathering known as the Great Symposium in order to exchange information and to vote upon matters of rank. (GttS: 60-61; VAC: 134-135)
  • You know that the Kiasyd are in some manner linked to the Lasombra, and that the latter is possibly the Clan which generated the former. (LS1: 28-29)

Lore: Kiasyd x3

  • You know that Strausburg was forcibly taken by the Kiasyd from Ventrue control in the 13th century, and that they have since made no attempts to reclaim it. You further know that the seige of Strausburg is what ffirst brought the Bloodline to the attention of the Lasombra. (LS1: 28-29)
  • You know that ocassionally Cainites outside of the bloodline are invited to the Grand Symposia of the Kiasyd, but that these individuals are rare. You further know a little more about the planning and organization of the event, and are aware that invites go out five years in advance of each soiree. In addition to this, you have a fairly good understanding of Kiasyd rank and etiquette, and understand how the Clan’s internal hierarchy actually functions. (GttS: 60-61; VAC: 134-135)
  • You know that Marconius was originally a Lasombra, five generations removed from Caine, and that he came to his current state through experimentation with the blood of the fae and some manner of strange potion claiming to be the blood of Zeernebooch (a Teutonic God of the Underworld). You know that Marconius’ cohorts in the experiment that created him were executed, and that Marconius himself was forcibly exiled from the region. (LS1: 28-29; PGttS: 22)
  • You have at least heard, in passing, of famous Kiasyd such as: Bartholowmew, the childe of Marconius; and Beatrice Le’Angelou, the Ductus of a prominent pack of scholars, and alleged paramour of the former Arch-Bishop of Montreal. (MbN: 90-91; PGttS: 70)

Lore: Kiasyd x4

  • You have heard that Marconius was not expected to survive his exile, and that no traces of the Kiasyd progenitor can be found for the near millenia between his transformation and his reappearance in Stausburg. You are aware that reigning elders at the time he left (sometime in the 4th century) apparently had sought some manner of compact with the fae to have him « dealt with. » (LS1: 28-29)
  • You know that the original Marconius experiment was designed to gain insight into the dark powers of the Lasombra’s signature Discipline of Obtenebration. You have heard that they were in some manner successful, and have been made to understand that some Kiasyd possess surprising insight into matters of the Underworld and even the rumored « Abyss » that powers the Lasombra’s arts. (LS1: 28-29)

Lore: Kiasyd x5

  • You have some insight into precisely what befell Marconius during his exile, and precisely what the fae did him. (LS1: 28-29)