Lore : Bloodline Samedi

This Lore represents knowledge of the social structure, traditions and myths of the Samedi Bloodline.

Generally Possessed by: Giovanni, Nosferatu, Samedi

Potential Specializations: Cappadocian/Samedi Lore, Nosferatu/Samedi Lore

Sources Consulted for this List: Blood Magic: Secrets of Thaumaturgy (WW2106)Children of the Night (WW2023)Clanbook: Cappadocian (WW2805)Clanbook: Giovanni (WW2063)The Kindred’s Most Wanted (WW2230)Laws of the Night [Rev] (WW5013)Player’s Guide (WW2206)Storyteller’s Companion (WW2301)

Lore: Samedi x1

  • You know that the Samedi exist.
  • You know that the primary Samedi Disciplines are FortitudeObfuscate and Thanatosis, and that Thanatosis is unique to their Clan. (LotN [Rev]: 58; PG [Rev]: 79; SC: 11-12)
  • You know that the Samedi all ressemble grotesque, putrid and rotting corpses, sharing much in common with the stereotypical dipiction of zombies. You know that this has led several to speculate that the Bloodline might have been Nosferatu-founded originally, although some have tried to link the Bloodline’s connections to the dead back to the Giovanni. (LotN [Rev]: 59; PG [Rev]: 79)
  • You are aware that the Samedi are a very recent Bloodline (reports of Samedi only go back 250 years or so) and has very few members worldwide, leading to a lack of central Clan Structure or much in the way of universal custom. You know that the Samedi have no binding ties to either the Camarilla or to the Sabbat, but that individuals can be found claiming membership in either Sect. (LotN [Rev]: 58-59; PG [Rev]: 79)
  • You have heard of « The Baron », a Cainite who is traditionally held as the founder of the Samedi Bloodline, and who seems to act in the guise of the Voodoun Loa by the same name. (BM-SoT: 107-109; CbGi: 19-21)
  • You know that the Samedi are on occassion practitioners of Necromancy, although the Discipline isn’t inate to their blood. You further know that a large portion of Samedi are located in Haiti, Jamaica and other parts of the Carribean, and that their blood magic is colored with the tradtional Voodoun and Santeria magical traditions of the region. (LotN [Rev]: 58; PG [Rev]: 79)

Lore: Samedi x2

  • You have heard that « The Baron » is ocassionally accompanied by a female Samedi, « Brigitte » who seemingly coresponds to Maman Brigitte, the traditional wife and consort of Baron Samedi in Voodoun cosmology. (KmW: 28)
  • You have heard of the now-extinct Clan of death scholars known as the Cappadocians, who died out in the middle ages, and you know that they were said to possess a death-like visage, although not nearly as horrific as that of the Samedi. (CbC; CbGi [Rev]: 20-25)
  • You have heard of legendary Samedi such as: Genina, an infamous child-Embrace and serial killer who is widely sought by Camarilla authorities. (KmW: 27-31)

Lore: Samedi x3

  • You know a little bit of the history of the Cappadocians, and are aware that they were responsible for the Embrace of the Giovanni family as Cainites. You further know that the Giovanni were eventually instrumental in their extinction. As for how this might tie into the Samedi, you can’t be certain, although you know that « The Baron » and Augustus Giovanni (head of the Giovanni Clan) have met in the past, and that they hate one another vehemently. (CbC: 19, 67-68; CbGi: 19-21)
  • You know about the existence of the Harbingers of Skulls, a small Bloodline of Sabbat-affiliated Necromancers, who, like the legendary Cappadocians, also have a death-like countenance, although they appear shrivelled and skeletal whereas the Samedi appear rotten and decaying. (CbGi: 65)
  • You have heard of Gisele Hemmet, a Lasombra Necromancer who allegedly pledged her service to the Voodoun loa of the Baron Samedi back in the 18th century, hoping to be possessed by him. You know that she has since had several brushes with the Samedi Bloodline proper, and that her brood has had an ongoing (and oftentimes lethal) feud with them. (BM-SoT: 107-110)
  • You have at least heard, in passing, of famous Samedi such as: Lithrac, an Archon of some repute in the service of Justicar Cock Robin (Nosferatu). (CotN: 54-55)

Lore: Samedi x4

  • You know enough about the Cappadocians to definitively recognize the Samedi as a Bloodline of their lineage, and strongly suspect that there is some connection between this now extinct Clan and the mysterious Harbingers of Skulls. For more complete information as to what this all might entail, you’ll likely need a few levels of Lore: Cappadocian. (CbC: 19, 67-68)
  • You have heard tell of the Lamiae, an offshoot of the Cappadocians, and know that their particular arts of Mortis bore a strong resemblance to the Samedi powers ofThanatosis. (CbC: 19, 67-68)
  • You know of Macoute, a Haitian Samedi who has allegedly impersonated « the Baron » on several ocassions, and of his childe (appropriately named Brigitte) who often accompanies him. You know well enough to take stories that you hear about the Clan Founder with a grain of salt. (BM-SoT: 107-110)

Lore: Samedi x5

  • You are aware of the « Feast of Folly » which the Antediluvian Cappadocious made his purge of Clan Cappadocian, banishing a sizable portion of his progeny within the walls of the underground city Kaymalki. You know that a group of schismatic Cappadocians (termed infitiores) later moved into Portugal, Africa and eventually the Carribean after the culling, and that it is from them that the Samedi almost certainly descend. (CbC: 19, 67-68)
  • You have an inkling as to the reason for the Harbingers of Skulls sudden appearance and their original origins. (CotN: 38-39)
  • You have a few leads as to the original identity and motivations of the vampiric Baron Samedi.