Lore : Caïtiff

This Lore represents knowledge of the social structure and condition of Caitiff. It also represents how well a character might be able to recognize the names of famous Caitiff and know the trends of the Clanless within given regions.

Generally Possessed By: Caitiff, Panders, Noddists

Potential Specializations: Dhampirs, Gehenna Prophecies, Pander History, Thin-Blooded Syndrome

Sources Consulted for this List: Outcasts: A Player’s Guide to PariahsTime of Thin Blood

Lore: Caitiff x1

  • You know that Caitiff have no set Disciplines inherent to their group, but that they tend to reflect the Disciplines of their parent Clan.
  • You know that Caitiff are generally looked down upon by other Sects and Clans, and that they have no Antediluvian whom they can claim descent from.
  • You know that the reasons cited for Caitiff being created are the fact that their Sires’ generation tends to be very high (hence making the vampiric qualities of their vitae more diluted), and that they are often abandoned upon the Embrace, which causes them to miss out on the « imprinting process » that most vampires undergo.
  • You know (regardless of Sect) what a Scourge is, and that the position has recently seen increased popularity in recent years.
  • You are familiar with the concept of being « Thin-blooded », and know that it is a condition which generally effects the ability a vampire has to use vitae efficiently.
  • You have heard of the Pander movement within the Sabbat, and are aware that Caitiff in the Sect are supposedly accorded some degree of consideration.

Lore: Caitiff x2

  • You know that there is supposedly some sort of prophecy relating to the Caitiff and the coming of Gehenna, and that this is somehow tied to the generally anathema toward the Clanless.
  • You know that Brujah and Gangrel are the Clans generally cited as siring the most Caitiff.
  • You know that Caitiff occasionally manifest lesser degrees of their parent Clan’s curse, and have heard rumors that Malkavian descended Caitiff might have vestigal ties to the rest of the Clan’s collective supernatural awareness.
  • You know a little more regarding the « Thin-blooded », and are aware that in addition to having trouble using vitae efficiently, some of these very high generation vampires display vestigial human biological functions (hair growth, normal bodily excretions, etc…) and that some even display slight resistance to sunlight. You hear that some of them are no longer capable of Embracing viable childer.
  • You are familiar with the basic history of the Third Civil War within the Sabbat, which resulted in the eventual recognition of the Panders as a seperate Clan in the Sect.
  • You have at least heard, in passing, of legendary Caitiff, such as Joseph Pander, who founded the Panders movement within the Sabbat and lent it his name; and the Stoneman, a legendary figure who is said to watch over the Clanless.

Lore: Caitiff x3

  • You are somewhat familiar with the incriminating passages in the Book of Nod. They read: « And you will know these last times by the time of thin blood/which will mark vampires that cannot beget/You will know them by the clanless/who will come to rule. » (You do not necessarily have a good understanding of the context of these passages and may require Lore: Noddist to known more.)
  • You know that increasing Noddist sentiment in the Camarilla has led to the increase in Scourges, out of fear of the aforementioned prophecy.
  • You have heard that very « Thin-Blooded » Clanless vampires have occasionally been able to have mortal children, although this is very very rare, and has only occurred in recent years. These offspring of the damned have been called Dhampirs, after their equivalent in Eastern European folklore.
  • You have heard rumor that some « Thin-Blooded » vampires have been reported to possess strange powers not known to most Clans, and that many report a strange sort of Clairvoyance regarding future events.
  • You have heard of the movement known as « The Unbound », a collective of Caitff Anarchs who claim that other vampires differentiation into Clans is a self-impoised limitation. You know that they claim that Caine himself was technically a Caitff and take pride in their condition.

Lore: Caitiff x4

  • You know a great deal of the Noddist scholarship surrounding the Clanless and the possible prophecies of Gehenna.
  • You are fairly cognizant of all of the varying degrees of deviation from the vampiric norm that are associated with having « Thin Blood ». You have heard of those known as « Interceptors » who have been able to create new Disciplines, although you haven’t any clue how this is managed.
  • You know that only vampires of the fifteenth generation have been able to successfully father/birth Dhampirs, and you are familiar with the basic abilities these undead-born humans have, such as occasionally possessing rudimentary vampiric Disciplines.
  • You have heard that the « Thin-blooded » who manifest « Insight » are supposedly able to gain insight into the Jyhad of the elders themselves, and know that this lends credence to the tales of the Clanless heralding Gehenna.
  • You’ve heard of some of the fairly obscure Caitiff of note, such as: Alexei Darba, who attempted to do for the Camarilla what Jospeh Pander did for the Sabbat.

Lore: Caitiff x5

  • You know nearly everything applicable to the Clanless in Noddist scholarship, and are aware of most translations, interpretations and beliefs that have arisen from the offending passages. You should probably be worried.
  • If you are « Thin-Blooded » you might have gained enough insight into the nature of the vampiric condition to attempt to create your own Discipline. (Ask an ST and get ready to make the MOST AMAZING PITCH WE HAVE EVER HEARD if you want to meddle with this. Be prepared to fail!)