Lore : Camarilla

This Lore represents the knowledge of the laws, traditions and history of the Camarilla.

Generally Possessed by: Camarilla members, elders, officers, Princes, Primogen, Sabbat infiltrators/tacticians

Potential Specializations: Anarch Revolt History, Camarilla Culture, Camarilla Heirarchy, Camarilla History, Camarilla Law, Justicariate Lore

Sources Consulted for this List: Archons and Templars (WW2425)Giovanni Chronicles I: The Last Supper (WW2090)Guide to the Camarilla (WW2302)Children of the Night (WW2023)Counsel of Primogen (WW2023)Laws of the Night [Rev] (WW5013)Vampire: The Masquerade [Rev] (WW2300)

Lore: Camarilla x1

  • You have been told that the Camarilla was created for the purpose of protecting all Kindred from the threat of mankind through the institution of the Masquerade. (LotN [Rev]: 17; VtM [Rev]: 39-42)
  • You are familiar with and can recite the six traditions. (LotN [Rev]: 17; VtM [Rev]: 39-42)
  • You know that the Brujah, Ventrue, Malkavians, Noseferatu, Tremere and Toreador are the six Clans who are formally aligned with the Camarilla, and are aware that the Gangrel used to be the seventh. (LotN [Rev]: 18)
  • You know that each Camarilla Domain is ruled by a Prince, and that within that region his/her word is Law. You know that only the Prince can grant the right of Destruction, the right of Creation, and/or formal recognition within his Domain. (LotN [Rev]: 218-219; VtM [Rev]: 35-37)
  • You know all of the basic posts held under a Camarilla Princeship. These include: the Seneschal, who serves as the Prince’s right hand and manages the mundane affairs of the Domain; the Keeper of Elysium, who is responsible for maintaining the sanctity of any given Elysia; the Harpies, who arbitrate and record status and boons; the Sheriff, who is responsible for maintaining the laws of the Domain; and the Scourge, who has the unpleasant task of tracking down and killing unrecognized Kindred within the area.(LotN [Rev]: 218-220, VtM [Rev]: 38)
  • You know that a Primogen stands as representative for their Clan in a Domain, and that an assembled Primogen Council advises the Prince on matters of State. (VtM [Rev]: 37-38)
  • You know about the existence of the Inner Circle, a secret cabal who supposedly comprise the ruling elite of the Camarilla; the Justicariate, a group of six representatives for the Camarilla Clans who form the public face of Camarilla authority and report directly to the Inner Council; and the Archons, spies, investigators and agents in the service of a Justicar. (LotN [Rev]: 17, 221; VtM [Rev]: 44, 65-67)
  • You know what that the Blood Hunt, also called the Lex Talonis, is an irrevocable decree which requires all members of a Domain to work to bring a Kindred to final death. (VtM [Rev]: 42)
  • You know about the tradition of Elysium, a location or group of locations that are considered to be under a « Pax Vampirica » of sorts. You know that Elysia are considered neutral ground and that no violence or destruction of « art » may take place upon such grounds. (VtM [Rev]: 43)
  • You know that a Conclave is a massive gathering of all Camarilla vampires in an area for a particular purpose, and that only a Justicar can call one. (LotN [Rev]: 18; VtM [Rev]: 66)
  • You understand the basic idea of the prestation system, and understand what boons are. (LotN [Rev]: 220-221)

Lore: Camarilla x2

  • You have heard of the First Anarch Revolt, wherein neonate « Anarchs » across Europe rose up and diablerized or killed their elders, and of the Inquisition, and know that both the Sabbat and Camarilla formed as a result of them. You know that the Camarilla is a union of elders and Anarch apologists and the Sabbat are the remaining Anarchs who refused to capitulate. You also know that the Assamites were heavily involved in the affair, although they did not join either Sect. (VtM [Rev]: 44, 65)
  • You know that several of the Traditions carry over from a time prior to the Camarilla’s inception, where Domain was more of an individual affair, and hence have changed in interpretation over the centuries. You know in particular that the Masquerade was taken from the legendary Laws of the Night as prescribed by Caine.
  • You can name all of the current Justicars. They are: Jaroslav Paschek (Brujah), Maris Streck (Malkavian), Cock Robin (Nosferatu), Madame Guil (Toreador), Anastasz Di Zagreb (Tremere) and Lucinde (Ventrue). You know that they’re ruling on Camarilla law is final, save for dictates from the Inner Circle, a mysterious group which allegedly also has one representative for each Clan. You know that the Inner Council meets once every thirteen years in Venice and that it is during this meeting that the new Justicariate is elected. (LotN [Rev]: 17, 221; VtM [Rev]: 67)
  • You know how Archons usually operate, and know that each of them is attached (and according to some rumors also blood bound) to one particular Justicar. (LotN [Rev]: 17, 221; VtM [Rev]: 66)
  • You know how the prestation system works in practice fairly well and have a good idea of what actions generally require what boons. (LotN [Rev]: 220-221)
  • You are familiar with the position of the Whip, a sort of vice-Primogen who serves as a general gopher for the Primogen they serve and helps to keep their assembled Clan in line. (LotN [Rev]: 219; VtM [Rev]: 38)
  • You know that diablerie is almost universally condemned by the Camarilla and that by the dictates of the Inner Council, the only time at which it is always acceptable is when the diablerist is the Sire of the victim, and the act takes place during a formal blood hunt. You know that exceptions are rumored to have been made here and there in instances of war. (VtM [Rev]: 226)
  • You have heard of the Red List, a compilation of Kindred wanted dead by the whole Sect (called anathema) who are considered to be under the Lex Talonis in every domain, and you know roughly whose on it.
  • You know that the office of the Scourge is a relatively new one, and that it is rumored to be the result of increasing Noddist sentiment within the Sect.
  • You have at least heard, in passing, of legendary Camarilla vampires, such as Hardestadt, the Ventrue elder credited with coming up with the original idea for the Camarilla, and Rafeal de Corozon, the Toreador who popularized the idea of the Masquerade in it’s current former (GC1: 62)

Lore: Camarilla x3

  • You are cognizant of the details regarding the formation of the Sabbat and Camarilla, and have read the Treaty of Thorns, a document dating back to 1493, when the founding members of the Sect met near the village of Thorns with Anarch officials to officially end the Anarch Revolt. You hear that the Camarilla’s formation was sparked by the attempted assassination of Hardestadt by a Brujah Anarch named Tyler, and you further know that the Camarilla was formed by the elders not only to provide a haven from the fires of the Inquisition but also in the hopes of subduing the rebellious Anarchs. (GC1: 12)
  • You can name all of the original founding members of the Camarilla who were present for the formal formation of the Sect in 1450, and who comprised the original Inner Council. They are: Adana de Sforza (Brujah), Milov Petrenkov (Gangrel), Camilla Banes (Malkavian), Josef von Bauren (Nosferatu), Rafeal de Corzon (Toreador), Mistress Fanchon (Tremere) and Hardestadt himself (Ventrue). You have no idea if any of them still remain alive, awake and in power. (GC1: 51-61)
  • You know that the Traditions (save the Masquerade) may, in fact, vary greatly in their application based on the whims of a particular Prince, although the Inner Circle and Justicariate always have final say.
  • You know that the position of Prince was in fact a carry over from earlier times in which the eldest vampire would have a sort of de facto rule over a Domain, and that the post was formally ratified to be what it is today after an Anarch committed a gross breach of the the Masquerade in 1743, pampleteering publically against elder Kindred society. (The Anarch was naturally killed.) (VtM [Rev]: 35)
  • You know that the Primogen Council was based upon the Primogeniture Assembly established by Prince Jürgen of Magdeburg in the Dark Ages. You know that the role of Primogen within a Court can vary vastly from Domain to Domain, and that some Primogen Councils may rival the local Prince in power.
  • You know all of the positions held in relation to Primogen and their Councils. These include: the Myrmidons, who acts a a Prmogen’s personal bodyguard (You’re aware that Myrmidon is an archaic word for Archon in some circles); the Scribe, who acts a Primogen’s personal secretary; and the Steward, who tends to the meeting place of the assembled Primogen.
  • You are aware that the Gangrel exodus was instigated by former Justicar Xavier, although his motivations still remain a mystery.
  • You know the names of all of the founding members of the Camarilla who met at Thorns, as well as a few glimpses of their personal history.
  • You are aware of and have read (if applicable) the Treaty of Tyre made with Clan Assamite and the Promise of 1528 made with Clan Giovanni. You are also aware that an initial offer was extended to Clan Setite to join the Camarilla but it was declined.(CbSe [Rev]: 27-28)
  • You know that the nascent Camarilla was nearly destroyed in 1595, when Toreador Justicar Jean-Paul Pierre LaMont turned traitor and allied with the Sabbat. Apparently a covert attack was planned for a meeting of the Inner Council based on LaMont’s information, although it was averted at the last second.
  • You know that all Justicars must submit to an oath of station before appointment.
  • You have a fair idea of how each Justicar stands politically. You know that Streck and Paschek tend to be fairly conservative; that Guil is often considered unnecessarily inhumane (even though she is the only Justicar to remain from the previous election) and that Di Zagreb was widely considered a compromise choice, and wields significantly less power within the Justicariate.
  • You have heard political rumblings relating to the idea of appointing a seventh Justicar. You know that there is a heavily idealistic but very small bloc backing the assignment of a Justicar ex Miscellanea, who would tend to « minority » Clans, such as defected Setites, Samedi, Lasombra, Caitiff and such. You are also aware that the small defection of Schismatic Camarilla Assamites may have the clout to swing an Assamite Justicar.
  • You know of a few of the more famous public Archons by name. These include: Theo Bell (Brujah Archon to Justicar Paschek, leader of the assault on New York in 1999), Vidal Jarbeaux (Toreador Archon to Justicar Guil) and Ferderico DiPadua (Nosferatu, prevented the assult led by LaMont in 1595).
  • You’re familiar with the entire current listing of Anethema and, have heard that the Camarilla employs a secret group of Archons known as the Alastors to hunt them down. You know that this group was apparently founded in part by Justicar Lucinde.
  • You have heard of a few other Archon groups in addition to the Alastors. You are aware of the informal « Dogcatchers » who specialize in Lupine surveillance and control, the E Division, which looks into paranormal and as of yet unexplained supernatural phenomena, the Josians, who are tasked with infiltrating and rooting out Gehenna cults, and the Quaesitors, a Tremere-only group of blood magic specialists.
  • You know the various types of conclaves that are often called, and are aware that Princes and elders may be tried for crimes at some, although these are normally small affairs. (VtM [Rev]: 66)
  • You have at least heard, in passing, of famous Camarilla Vampires, such as: Karsh, the Gangrel « warlord » of the Camarilla and arch-rival to Xaviar; Queen Anne Bowsley of London, Prince of one of the bulwark Domains of the Sect, who managed to oust her also famous predecessor, Mithras; and Carlak, Prince of Prague, and a former candidate for Brujah Justicar.

Lore: Camarilla x4

  • You know that some Primogen Council’s have members of non-Camarilla affiliated Clans appointed to them (most notably Gangrel and Assamites) and that in some rare circumstances, a Primogen Council (in this case called a jurta) rules a Domain in the absence of a Prince.
  • You have a basic rundown of several Justicar’s histories and personal leanings. You know that Cock Robin famously helped to depose the tyrannical Prince Warwick. You know that Paschek currently holds a private feud with Di Zagreb. You also know that Guil’s past is sketchy at best…
  • You are aware of some of the details regarding the deaths/disappearances of some of the previous Justicars. You know that Petradon (Nosferatu) was assassinated by an unknown party, and there is some suspicion on the Anarchs. You also know that Michaelis (Ventrue) was assassinated by the Setite Kemintiri, who currently heads the Red List.
  • You know of several public Archons by name, including some fairly obscure ones. These include: Frederick Lilac (the Samedi Archon of Justicar Robin), and Ilyana Ravidovich, and Gracie Velasquez (Nosferatu Archon, great-great-grandchilde of DiPadua).
  • You are aware of the title of Praetor as an imformal and temporary position of leadership amongst Archons. You know that Archon Bell held this position during the battle for New York, and that Archons DiPadua, Petrova, and Kleiss have also held the title.
  • You know that the word « Archon » originally was introduced by a utopian Brujah movement back in the dark ages to indicate somebody who was the catspaw of an elder.
  • You are familiar with the position of a Servire, an Archon’s personal assistant. You know that many Archons start out their career as Servires.
  • You are aware of the how the Alastors’ function. You know that Alastors report directly to the Inner Council, and not to the Justicariate. You know the difference between a Red Alastor and a regular Alastor, and that all members of this order possess « the trophy » a symbolic tattoo on one hand.
  • You are very well informed as to how Archon groups function. You know that the E Division is a recent branch instituated by former Tremere Justicar Schreckt, and that it is generally composed of younger Archons. You know that the Quaesitors are widely distrusted and that virtually none are permitted to serve under the Tremere Justicar. You have heard unsettling rumors relating to covert motives from the Josians…
  • You have heard of « Dopplegangers, » Archons assigned to undergo heavy conditioning and to impersonate Kindred surrounding targeted individuals or groups.
  • You are familiar with the ability to call for « Trial by Ordeal » at a conclave, and know that one can always contest the decision through either completing an impossible task or beating a selected combatant in a duel. (VtM [Rev]: 66)
  • You have heard tell of gulags: underground holding cells, bomb shelters and caches where condemned Kindred are kept staked to be tortured or to await execution. You know that most Archons deny they exist.
  • You have heard of the Boon Extremis, a boon which can never be repaid and is only offered in the most dire of circumstances.

Lore: Camarilla x5

  • You not only have a ton of info on each Justicar, but you can also generally name the all public Archons associated with them. You know that Streck often travels under the assumed name « Thomas Pynche ». You know that Lucinde was Michaelis’ former lover and that for some time she must have also paid her attentions to Kemintiri (who was impersonating him). You also know that the less that is said about Madame Guil and her lovers, the better…
  • You are aware that there is a growing Noddist sentiment in the upper echeleons, and that many Camarilla elders take Gehenna more seriously than they are willing to give lip service to. You know that the Josians are also employed to retrieve data on the possible validity of Gehenna, and to keep it out of public sight.
  • You have heard rumor that there was at one point a Sabbat infiltrator on the Inner Council, and that this drastically effected Camarilla politcs during the 18th century. You hear that this is the cause of at the death of at least one Justicar, although the matter has very much been hushed up.
  • In spite of the general secrecy of the group, you are able to identify several Alastors, and you also know the technique by which they receive their tattoo.
  • You have heard of « The Eyes », a secert division of Camarilla agents, who like the Alastors, answer only to the Inner Council and serve as their spies.
  • You have a good guess as to who sits now on the Inner Circle and how they will move with regard to internal decisions.