Lore : Sabbat

This Lore represents the knowledge of the rites, traditions and history of the Sabbat.

Generally Possessed by: Sabbat members, Ducti, Priests, Camarilla tacticians

Potential Specializations: Anarch Revolt History, Sabbat Culture, Sabbat Heirarchy, Sabbat History, Sabbat Civil War History, Sabbat Ritual

Sources Consulted for this List: Chaining the BeastClanbook: Lasombra (Rev. Ed)Clanbook: Tzimisce (Rev. Ed)Guide to the Sabbat (Rev. Ed)

Lore: Sabbat x1

  • You know that purpose of the Sect is to battle against the machinations of elder Cainites, and that the Camarilla is supposedly the pawn of these ancients according to Sect propaganda. (LotN [Rev]: 18; LotN:SG [Rev]: 7; VtM [Rev]: 44, 82-83)
  • You are aware that Clans Lasombra and Tzmisce make up the majority and ruling class of the Sabbat. (LotN [Rev]: 18; VtM [Rev]: 82-83)
  • You are familiar with the basic functioning of a pack and it’s positions (Ductus, Priest, Abbot) (VtM [Rev]: 82-83)
  • You have an idea of the political structure outside of the pack unit, and can give rough descriptions of the functions of the Bishops, Arch-Bishops, Cardinals, Prisci, Templars and Regent. (LotN [Rev]: 222; VtM [Rev]: 82-83)
  • You can name a few of the more common auctoris ritae, such as the high holidays (Festivo dello Estinto and Palla Grande), Fire Dances or the Wild Hunt. (LotN [Rev]: 222-225)
  • You know of the Vaulderie, and that it is used to ritually bind packs together through something that resembles the blood bond. You are aware that, in addition to creating the Vinculum, the Vaulderie is capable of breaking existing blood bonds. (LotN [Rev]: 224-225)
  • You are aware of the alternate and alien moralities known as the Paths of Enlightment, and you know that these are wildly espoused by the Priests of the Sabbat and widely practiced throughout the Sect as a means of overcoming the limitations that human morality might place on the Sect’s goals. (VtM [Rev]: 286-295)
  • You know that the current Regent of the Sabbat is Toreador antitribu Melinda Galbriath.

Lore: Sabbat x2

  • You have been told of the Antediluvians, and of the threat they pose. You have heard of the First Anarch Revolt, wherin neonates across Europe rose up and diablerized or killed their elders (the Tzimisce and Lasombra Antediluvians supposedly included), and you know that both the Sabbat and Camarilla formed as a result of it. (LotN [Rev]: 18; VtM [Rev]: 44, 65, 82)
  • You are aware of the Code of Milan, and that it supposedly codifies the Sabbat’s aims, although you don’t necessary know it’s exact history.
  • You have heard some stories regarding the various Sabbat civil wars in North America, and have heard that a great deal of the Sects holdings in the United States were lost as a result.
  • You have heard of the various major political camps within the Sabbat, such as: the Status Quo; the Moderates; the Loyalists, who wish to adhere to the original intents of the first Anarch movement and seek freedom from elder oppression; and the Ultra-Conservatives, who believe the purpose of the Sabbat should be the battle against the Antediluvians alone, and have little regard for individual liberty in this war.
  • You can name most of the auctoris ritae and a few of the ignobilis ritae. (LotN [Rev]: 222-225)
  • You have heard of the Inquisition, a group which scours the Sabbat for signs of heresy and infernalism, and of the Black Hand, an elite guild of assassins and spies.
  • You are aware that the Tremere antitribu used to be a part of the Sect, but all seemingly disappeared over a short span of time.
  • You are familiar (in basic theory) with some of the more common Paths of Enlightment found within the Sabbat, such as the Path of Caine, a Path which concerns itself with Noddist teachings and instructs it’s followers to hold Caine as the example of the ideal vampire; the Path of Cathari, the Path of Cathari, a Path based loosely on the Albegensian heresies of the middle ages, which extols vice and indulgence in the physical world; the Path of Death and the Soul, a Path based arround the ungoing meticulous study of death and the dying; the Path of the Feral Heart, a Path based on the predatory nature of Cainites and the full embrace of their animal instincts; the Path of Honorable Accord, a Path based around concepts of codified ethics and fealty; and the Path of Power and the Inner Voice, a Path based around the acquisition of power and the importance of individual ambition. (LotN-SG [Rev]: 76-83, 86-90, 93-95; GttS [Rev]: 127-134, 137-141, 144-146; CtB: 33-35, 43-61, 82-86)
  • You have heard of the Path of Evil Revelations, in which a vampire pledges obediance to an infernal overlord in both an attempt to stave off the advances of the Beast and in exchange for demonic powers. You have heard that infernalists are sometimes capable of learning a damned form of blood magic known as Dark Thaumaturgy. You know that followers of this Path are considered heretics to the Sect and ought be executed very very very soon. (LotN-SG [Rev]: 90-93; GttS: 141-144; CtB: 61-65)
  • You have at least heard, in passing, of legendary Sabbat vampires, such as: Gratiano de Veronese, the Lasombra credited with diablerizing the Lasombra Antediluvian; and Lugoj Blood-breaker, the Tzimisce creator of the Vaulderie who is credited with diablerizing the Tzimisce Antediluvian.

Lore: Sabbat x3

  • You are fairly cognizant of the details regarding the formation of the Sabbat and Camarilla, and have read the Treaty of Thorns.
  • You are intimately familiar both with the Code of Milan and its addenda (added in 1933), and realize that the document is somewhat controversial amongst the Loyalist faction.
  • You can name all thirteen of the auctoris ritae and several ignobilis ritae as well. (LotN [Rev]: 222-225)
  • You have a fairly good idea of the history of all three Civil Wars and connected events such as the Purchase Pact (the document which ended the Second Civil War, declaring a cessation to internal conflict within the Sect) and the formal recognition of Panders (which was the concession made to end the « Third Civil War » in NYC). You are aware that the Black Hand remained neutral during each conflict.
  • You know how to recognize a Sabbat Inquisition team, and are aware of their general modus operandi.
  • You are aware of the basic structure of the Black Hand, and know that they are ruled by a council of four Seraphim who answer directly to the Regent. You also know that one of the Seraphim, Djuhah, has recently started forming Black Hand only packs calledcolumns.
  • You have heard of the Order of St. Blaise, a group which originated in the Dark Ages in humrous reaction to Saint veneration (St. Blaise was the Saint who protected one agianst maladies or attacks to the throat). The group now operates to extend Sabbat influence within the Catholic Church.
  • You’ve heard a bit more of the history of the Tremere antitribu and of Goratrix, and are aware of their extinction.
  • You have heard a few rumors regarding Sabbat specific Bloodlines, although you haven’t heard much.
  • You are aware that the Tzimisce are said to have bred their ghouled serfs into bloodlines known as Revanants, mortals who show the aspects of ghouldom at birth and without ingesting vampiric blood.
  • You are familiar (in basic theory) with some of the Paths of Enlightment specific to the two ruling Clans of the Sect. These are the Path of Metamophosis, the Tzimisce Path focusing on transhumanist sentiments and bodily experimentation; and the Path of Night, the signature Path of Clan Lasombra which calls for Cainites to act as pre-ordained agents of evil. You have also heard of the Path of Redemption, which exhorts Cainites to attempt to redeem themselves in the eyes of a Christian God and which is practiced almost exclusively by the agents of the Inquisition. (LotN [Rev]: 76-77; CtB: 65-74, 86-90; VtM [Rev]: 291-293)
  • You have at least heard, in passing, of famous Sabbat vampires such as: Sasha Vykos, a famous Tzimisce Priscus known for his/her/its androgyny; and Vasantasena, the Malkavian antitribu who turned to the Sabbat immediatedly after the Convention of Thorns, claiming she had prophetic visions of Gehenna.

Lore: Sabbat x4

  • You know a detailed history of the First Anarch Revolt. You have heard multiple accounts regarding various pre-Sabbat antitribu patricides.
  • You can probably recite the code of Milan by heart at this point, and are familiar with many of the earlier variants of Sabbat manifesto it codified.
  • You’ve heard of internal, obscure and sometimes Clan specific groups, such as: the Friends of the Night and the Children of the Dracon.
  • You have heard of the Path of Lillith, a Path dealing with the wisdom imparted through various obscure writings and preaching enlightenment through pain, and know that it is practiced within a few obscure corners of the Sect in spite of being regarded as heretical, and even borderline infernalist. You have also heard of the Path which emphasizes continuous predatory hunting of any and all weaker creatures as a means toward vampiric evolution, and know that it’s founder, Lord Wilkshire is a current Templar. (LotN-SG [Rev]: 90-93; CtB: 62-65, 74-78; GttS [Rev]: 141-144)
  • If it’s ritae, you’ve probably heard of it. (LotN [Rev]: 222-225)
  • You know of the existence of the Blood Brothers, the Kiyasd, and the Harbingers of Skulls, although you don’t have many details.

Lore: Sabbat x5

  • You’ve begun to unearth some unsettling rumors that the Lasombra and Tzimisce may not have been as successful as they previously thought.
  • You’re thoroughly familiar with the known history of the First Anarch Revolt and of the Sabbat after it formation. You can rattle off a near continuous line of Regents, know a detailed history of all three Civil Wars, and can comment extensively on most of the major political shifts and events.
  • If it’s ritae, you’ve definitely heard of it. (LotN [Rev]: 222-225)
  • You can name all thirty members of the Sabbat Inquisition and know that the group is growing increasingly uncomfortable with the Black Hand, with whom it shares mutual exclusivity of membership.
  • You are very well-informed as to the operations of the Black Hand. You are aware that the group increasingly sides with the Ultra-Conservative faction, and might even have heard unsettling rumors as to their motivations outside of the Sect.
  • You know that the Blood Brothers are a Bloodline of hive-minded Cainites created by either the Tzimisce and now dead Tremere antitribu to serve as combat units.
  • You know that the Kiyasd are a Bloodline of scholars who seem to share characteristics with the Lasombra, and more frighteningly the Wild Ones (Fae).
  • You know that the Harbingers of Skulls recently emerged and joined the Sect due to some wrong previously committed against them, and that they have a reputation as powerful necromancers.
  • You have heard a rumor that there is a way to break even the Vinculum.